New 3.5 screen

My new screen turned up today and before I could test it out I had to attach a usb cable to the end of the power cable. After doing this I plugged the usb in a 5v 2a usb main adapter and the composite into my PiTendo to test. The screen kept flashing on and off every second. I tired a couple of other methods/cables and still couldn’t get it to work. I ended up taking the screen apart and soldered my usb directly to the board and plugged it back in and now it works perfectly off 5v. In the documents that came with the screen it says it does 6v and up.

Now I know the screen works fine I have to remove all the casing. The back case is unremovable without desoldering the cables. You could cut the cables but i still wanting them for testing. The screen is held into its surrounding by 8 clips, 2 on each edge of the screen. These are easy to unclip with a small flat opening tool.

From what I have read online there’s more than 1 revision of this screens controller board. Its been reported that other revisions dont work and only this one does.

This screen seems perfect for a Gameboy zero. The board is very small and will leave loads of space inside the Gameboy. I need to find a new shell and get a button PCB and ready to carry on with the build. I will test the LCD with the Pi Zero and post my out come.

Since buying the screen the item is no longer a Amazon Prime item but it is still sold by BW Corp.

Amazon Link – BW 3.5 inch TFT LCD Car Monitor

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