Update on Gameboy Zero

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Now my custom button boards have turned up, I can’t wait to try them out and get my project start. Thanks to Brian for designing the board.



I hadn’t drilled the extra 2 holes when I first received the boards, here’s a pictures without the extra holes in the shell.

button template

PDF link – Print at full size. Thanks again to Brian for his template.

To drill the extra holes in the shell I used this template which was made from the board designs. I cut out the holes in the paper template and lined them up with the A and B holes. When i was happy with the placement I drew around the holes in the template. I next drilled a pilot hole and then used the dermal to drill out the hole. When I was happy with the holes and the buttons fitted, I used a counter sink drill bit and slowly/lightly drilled the edges.


Next the button wells


I had to butcher a snes controller for the wells and then found they weren’t a complete match in the width between both holes so I had to cut them down so they are single wells.


I super glued both wells over the holes and waited until it dried and put 2 nes buttons in X and Y and the rest of the buttons are standard Gameboy buttons.


Stay tuned for next update


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