Retro Achievements Update

Today I found out that retroachievements on Retropie now supports Hardcore Mode. Since RetroArch 1.3.2 (used in RetroPie 3.7), the Hardcore Mode is supported. It disables the savestates and is optional. If you want to enable it add this line too:

cheevos_hardcore_mode_enable = true

Supported Systems:

  • Game Boy / Color (lr-gambatte – installed by default)
  • Game Boy Advance (VBA-M)
  • NES (lr-QuickNES – found in ‘Experimental’ menu, lr-fceumm – installed by default, but you have to [re]install it from source [see below])
  • SNES (lr-Snes9x – installed by default, lr-pocketsnes – installed by default)
  • Genesis/Mega Drive (lr-picodrive – installed by default)
  • Sega 32x (lr-picodrive – installed by default)

To enable lr-fceumm for achievements you have to follow the instructions here to install it from source. Summing up:

Access the terminal and

cd RetroPie-Setup
sudo ./

Go to Install Individual Emulators from Binary or Source, choose lr-fceumm and install it from source. After that the lr-fceumm is able to register your achievements.

This is great news, I can’t wait to get achievements in more cores. Happy achievement hunting!

Source from Retropie wiki

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