How To Change GameBoy Internal Colour Palette

By default Gambette has the Green filter turned on, which is trying to mimic the original gameboy screen but after a while this can hurt your eyes. It is possible to edit the config files so it shows a white filter.

To do this you need to edit /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-core-options.cfg and set the palette like:

gambatte_gb_colorization = “internal”
gambatte_gb_internal_palette = “GBC – Grayscale”

You dont have to go with Greyscale, the complete list of palettes our.

GBC – Blue
GBC – Brown
GBC – Dark Blue
GBC – Dark Brown
GBC – Dark Green
GBC – Grayscale
GBC – Green
GBC – Inverted
GBC – Orange
GBC – Pastel Mix
GBC – Red
GBC – Yellow
Special 1
Special 2
Special 3

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