CryptoCurrency’s Faucet That Actual Pay!!!

I know this blog has been quiet for some time now, I will getting things back up and running.

Updated 19/4/18

Recently I have got into cryptocurrency, I have started mining on OrangePis Zero for fun, Mining with CPU isn’t really profitable but you never know you might see the value shoot up like Bitcoin did around Christmas 2017. I have been trying out loads of different faucets to see which ones have been worth doing and which ones end up being scams and should be avoided. I will be compiling a list here with ones to try out and ones you should stay away from. This post will be updated as I try new ones.

NameCoinPayout MethodLinkNotes
Moon BitcoinBTCCoinPotLinkThese Moon faucets defiantly seem the best and I would recommend doing these, The longer you leave between the claims the more the value goes up but they also offer a bonus % as long as claim everyday in a row.
Moon LitecoinLTCCoinPotLink
Moon DogeDogeCoinPotLink
Moon DashDashCoinPotLink
Moon Bitcoin CashBCHCoinPotLink
Freebitco.inBTCWalletLinkThis faucet is great, you get a free roll once an hour and they are give away up to $200 an hour from free rolls. Each roll generates lottery tickets and the lottery is drawn every Sunday with first place normally getting over 1 BTC. You can also multiply your roll winnings with there Hi and Lo game. You have to give this game respect and don't get too greedy otherwise you will likely loose it all. You can also store your bitcoin with them and they offer a 4% Yearly interest rate. (Which I haven't tried yet) site of which also has the Hi and Lo game but doesnt have the lottery or interest.
Ethereum-Faucet.orgETHFaucetHubLinkI just started testing these two faucets, they have alot more faucets for different coins but currently haven't tried them out. These two work just like the Freebitcoin and have a lottery but instead of giving you the lottery ticket for making a claim like Freebitcoin does it costs you 20% of your claim per ticket. Your winnings will be withdrawn to the FaucetHub MicroWallet.
Daily Free BitsBTCFaucetHubLinkThis faucet is alot like the others but does give out alot less but if got a spare moment its still worth doing, but make sure the other ones come first.
FaucetHubLinkCurrently Testing!!
You can't withdraw anything until your level 10.
BTCmines.clubBTCFaucetHubLinkCurrently Testing!!
looks promising





I really do like the Moon Faucets that deposit earning into the CoinPot MicroWallet. I will normally claim a couple of times a day. Also the FreeBitcoin and FreeDoge faucets our great and you can roll once every hour.

Let me know If theres any ones you want me to test or know should be on my list.

Happy Claiming.

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