Gameboy Zero Almost 100% Finished

I have now almost finished my Gameboy Zero build. It in a built working state but missing audio. I had audio working but then add issues with my usb hub. I now currently have just one USB socket connected up which currently has the WIFI dongle. I have the battery connected up and sticking out the top of the cartridge hole.



LCD glued in with buttons in place.


I made this screen protector from the LCD screen protector from the rear view Backup LCD. Thanks to Chiz for the idea.


I made new screw mounts from the ones I removed and an old IDE bracket I had laying around. Thanks to Wermy for the idea.


Heres a Picture of the screen protector in the shell. I currently have this stuck down with double sided tape (which came with an Iphone repair I did). some dusty has got in but im looking to replace the protector with a lasercut bit of glass/Plastic screen protector sometime in the future.


Wired up the original DC socket and Power switch.


I now have the button board screwed in and the speakerin place ready to be soldered to my amplifier.


The amplifier is glued in and connected up. The volume wheel is also currently connected up but not glued in place yet.


Wiring up my Button board to the GPIO pins and power cables connected up to my powerboard breakout board.


I have now changed the USB cabling since this picture was taken. Im now using an old damaged usb cable which fixed all the problems I was having with my USBs. L and R are also connected up and glued in place and soldered to the correct GPIO pins. Powerboost and battery are connected up also.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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