GameBoy Zero Upgrades

Sorry for the no activity recently but I’m now hoping to get things going again.

While I was searching AliExpress/eBay and came across this LCD. I picked this up for about £15. I couldn’t wait to try this out. I download there image and flashed it to my sd card. Used this with my PI2 and quality is amazing from this screen and the touch worked great. Touch isn’t needed tho for this build. I had to upgrade the firmware to get it to work with my Zero W.

I started taking the screen apart and removing the unneeded bits. I wired the screen to the Zero w gpio pins and also soldered the USB test pads to helders v1.4 AIO board. I tested it and seem to work fine with my retropie.

It looks like this build is going to be nice and clean with Helders AIO board. Due to issues I’ve had with my GBZ I will be upgrading my Slim Green GBZ. I need to find out if I can pull the hdmi audio into Helders board.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “GameBoy Zero Upgrades

  1. Hello,
    i’m trying to make my own gameboy zero, and i also hit that screen. But i’ve read some topics saying that screen does not works that well for a retropi handeled console.
    Can you tell me how it works for you and witch platforms you emulate with you gameboy zero.
    I want, with mine, to run : gameboy/color/advance, nes, supernes, megadrive and mame (not exhaustive list).
    Thank you and continue to make my dreams true!!

  2. Hi Seb, since I posted an update, I’ve been really busy and haven’t done much more, I will hopefully be working on it this weekend. Do you have a link to the topics you mentioned? I will update when I have done abit more.

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